No More Woof: New dog talking device developed to let your dog speak

New device may allow your dog to communicate simple commands

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Every movie-lover remembers Dug, the talking dog, from Disney's "Up." Soon your dog could be communicating with you the same way Dug communicated in "Up."

The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, which heads the No More Woof project, is developing a brainwave-reading dog-wearable gadget, which is powered by Raspberry Pi. Sensors detect EEG brainwave patterns, which are then translated into the human-speech equivalents and made audible through a speaker.

A cheaper $65 version comes with only one sensor and the ability to determine two or three different thought patterns. A $300 investment puts you in line for a two-sensor version of the gadget that can distinguish at least four different thought patterns, TIME reports.

The device currently only speaks English but there are plans to roll out options for Mandarin, French, and Spanish. NSID is also working toward offering different voice personalities.

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