No Wild Hair, Makeup For Lake Students

District Announces Ban On Unnatural Hair Colors, Extreme Makeup

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - The Lake County School District has decided unnatural hair colors and extreme hair makeup do not belong in the classroom.

The style restrictions will take effect Aug. 22 at the beginning of the school year.

The school district said if students violate the order, they could face a verbal warning from the principal. Repeat offenders could be banned from extracurricular activities.

Some teachers are looking to forward the new rules.

?I agree with it, because it is a distraction in the classroom. During the class days it's a topic of conversation, you know, they're always ?Oh, how'd you do it?? You know, ?Oh, that looks cool.? And it just gets off topic," one teacher said.

Parents like Paul Dougan support the new rules, even though he?s allowing his stepsons to wear Mohawks during the summer.

"It's a distraction away from the learning process. They're more worried about how they look and how they don't," Dougan said.

Cera Blanton, a student, said she has friends with colors like blue and red in their hair, and it does not affect class.

"If it's during school, we never talk about it during classes. We always wait. We're in the hallways before school, but there are some people who disrupt classes like that," Blanton said.

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