Northland Church travels to Okla. bringing food, supplies to tornado victims

Longwood church members expect to be in Moore for nearly 2 weeks

LONGWOOD, Fla. - A crew from the Northland Church in Longwood is heading to Moore, Okla., where a tornado hit on Monday, killing 24 people and leaving immense damage behind.

Northland Church's Disaster Response team loaded up trailers with food, cooking oil and supplies to be delivered to the tornado victims near Oklahoma City. 

[VIDEO: Local 6 in Okla.]

The decision to go came after hearing from a former staff member who now works for a church in Oklahoma.

"He gave us a call last night and said 'tornado just hit, less than a mile and a half away from our church can you come help?'" said Gretchen Kerr, Executive Director of Distributed Services at Northland.

The church is also taking their mobile kitchen trailer, which has built in refrigerators, ovens and a grill--all capable of serving 2,500 meals a day.

"So that as the food donations come in, we put it in and then our kitchen managers its their job to go what do I have and what can I make from it," Kerr said.

The church is also partnering with Harvest Time International in Sanford, which will be sending more supplies in the weeks to come.

Northland church members said they expect to be there nearly two weeks offering food and spiritual guidance.

"Our real mission and goal is to serve the folks immediately, and get things up and running and then help this church learn how to do this so they can take over and we can come home," Kerr said.

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