Number of crashes involving Lynx buses on the rise in 2013

FHP says severity of bus crashes getting worse

ORLANDO, Fla. - Florida Highway Patrol troopers say they are seeing more accidents involving Lynx buses on a regular basis as the number of crashes in 2013 hit double-digits and passengers and drivers are being injured regularly.

According to Lynx, in 2012 from Jan. 1 to Sept. 23, drivers collided with Lynx buses 100 times. In 2013, Lynx buses have been involved in 97 accidents and according to FHP, the accidents appear to be getting worse.

"We're seeing what seems like more and more Lynx buses where people are getting injured, multiple people are getting injured," said FHP spokesperson Kim Montes.

The CEO of Lynx attributes the high number of accidents to so many state roads with high speed limits where buses are also operating and making frequent stops.

According to FHP, in most cases, drivers are distracted and never see the bus coming to a stop.

"We find when we do most of our interviews with our drivers who are at fault, very few actually admit to doing something wrong," said Montes.

FHP does not know what causes the drivers to be distracted, but a new law goes into effect next week, which makes it illegal to text and drive. They're hoping the law will cut down on crashes.

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