Officer disciplined for 'inappropriate' comment to Marlon Brown's daughter

Report: DeLand officer told Brown's daughter she would end up like her father

DELAND, Fla. - Local 6 uncovered an investigative file that says a DeLand police officer admitted to telling Marlon Brown's daughter she would end up like her father.

Marlon Brown was killed back in May when former officer James Harris' patrol car ran over and killed him.

The documents related to the internal investigation say that detective Ignatius Jones was given a warning as a result of the behavior, which the police chief writes violates department policy.

According to the report, Jones admitted he said, "with that attitude she's going to end up like Mr. Brown," referring to Brown's 13-year-old daughter Armani Brown.

Jones encountered the teen when he stopped a group of teenagers from allegedly throwing rocks at a closed business in late May.

According to Jones, he didn't mean to imply that Armani Brown would end up dead like her father, but that she would end up in trouble with the law.

Krystal Brown, Marlon Brown's ex-wife, said no matter the intent the meaning was clear to her and her family.

"This happened maybe a week or two after her father was killed. So he ultimately ended up dead. So that's the way that we took it. That's the way [Armani] took it," Krystal Brown said.

The officer was disciplined by receiving verbal counseling, essentially a warning. A report was also placed in Jones' file.

Deputy Chief Randel Henderson said the comment was inappropriate under any circumstances.

"It's not something we want our officers to say or do given similar circumstances so absolutely we have a progressive discipline system. [Detective Jones] was educated, which we call counseling. He was counseled for it and we'll watch to make sure he doesn't do it again," said Henderson.

Local 6 asked if this incident and the support coming from within the department for former officer Harris was a sign of a larger problem in the department, to which Henderson replied he can't control what officers do on their personal time, but they can be reprimanded for what they say on-duty.

Henderson said the department is working hard to improve relations within the community after the Marlon Brown incident.

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