Ohio boy kicked out of class for Mohawk haircut

Kindergartener banned for 'distracting' Mohawk, district officials say

By Tara Evans - Executive Producer
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SPRINGFIELD, Ohio - If you're looking for a way to cut class, just get a hair trim. That is, if you're a kindergartener near Dayton, Ohio.

That is where five-year-old Ethan Clos was banned from his kindergarten class, for having a Mohawk.

According to WHIO, Clos is now back in class, but only after getting a haircut. School officials said he needed to have it shaved off, because it was a distraction to other students.

Ethan's mom, Keshia Castle said, "All the little kids were going over and feeling on it and everything."

Clark Shawnee School District officials said it was such a disturbance, that teachers could not get the attention of students, therefore violating the dress code policy.

"Our policy clearly states that any dress or grooming which is disruptive or distracting to the educational process is not acceptable. In this particular case, the student's hairstyle did provide disruption to the classroom," Superintendent Gregg Morris said.

Interestingly enough, a volunteer football coach in the district had received a lot of attention in 2009 and 2011 for having a blond Mohawk himself. But district officials said it is a different situation because that coach's hair did not disrupt classrooms.

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