One Orlando Alliance rescinds offer to lawmaker who inferred Alabama governor is gay

Patricia Todd will no longer serve as organization's executive director

By Adrienne Cutway - Web Editor

Patricia Todd

ORLANDO, Fla. - The One Orlando Alliance, which was formed after the shooting at Pulse nightclub, has rescinded its executive director offer to a lawmaker who made a social media post inferring that the governor of Alabama is gay.

Patricia Todd, Alabama's only openly gay lawmaker, was set to assume the role at the LGBTQ advocacy group beginning June 1, but One Orlando Alliance officials said Thursday that offer had been retracted.

One Orlando Alliance executive director Jennifer Foster said Todd's social media comments implying that Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey needed to come out as gay were not in line with the organization's ideals.

“This has been a challenging situation. While Ms. Todd has a well-established record of
outstanding service to the community, her lapse in judgment has led us to end our relationship with her.
We admire her many decades of exemplary service and believe that, with the right opportunity, Ms.
Todd will continue to use her many talents to make significant progress advocating for justice and
equality,” Foster said. reports that Todd tweeted and posted to Facebook Tuesday night that someone should "out" Ivey, adding that she is "sick of closeted elected officials." Ivey denied the claim.

Christopher Cuevas, who represents One Orlando Alliance member organization QLatinx, said trying to force someone to come out as gay is never appropriate.

“Weaponizing queerness through the act of outing others is a violation of the sacred rite that we as
queer people undergo in our journey of self-discovery. It is a form of psychic and emotional violence; a
violence that robs one of their ability to self-actualize and manifest their truth; a violence that hinders
the fostering of fellowship and community; a violence that calls into question our ability to see the value
in trusting others with our authentic self. When our humanity is violated in this way, how can we find
space to begin healing in self and to promote the healing and growth of others?” Cuevas said.

One Orlando Alliance in a nonprofit that includes more than 30 LGBTQ+ organizations in the Central Florida region and aims to create a safe space for members of the gay and lesbian community. It's unclear when a new executive director will be selected.

“While our community has experienced great challenges, this is an opportunity for growth. Our community stands firmly in our conviction that love and inclusivity are the pathways to equality and justice for all. The right leader will surface. Together, we will continue to grow stronger and more unified as a result of this,” Foster said.

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