Orange County commissioners rejected sick pay petition for November's ballot

Commissioners: 'Petition is unclear'

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Mandatory sick pay will not be on November's ballot in Orange County.

On Tuesday night commissioners did not vote on the petition, which was signed by 50,000 people, to get the issue before voters. Commissioners said its title and language are unclear.

They also voted to postpone commissioner Jennifer Thompson's charter amendment that would ban the county from regulating worker benefits, including sick pay.

"I've got to go into defensive mode, we have to protect our jobs, we have to remain competitive in this landscape," said Thompson.

As it stands, voters won't be seeing sick pay on the ballot until November 2014.

"They will push stalling tactics around earned sick time, and I think that's where our frustration lies," said Denise Diaz of Orlando.

Commissioners rejected adopting the petition seven to zero.

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