Orange County diner engulfed in flames

Authorities investigate what sparked blaze at '5 & Diner'

ORLANDO, Fla. - A popular Orange County restaurant ignited, sending smoke through the air and flames visible from State Road 408 early Friday morning.

Authorities were still fighting the fire at the Five and Diner off of East Colonial Drive at 5 a.m. after the roof collapsed.

The flames from the restaurant caused a heavy haze along State Road 408, prompting drivers to stop and watch one of their favorite diners burn down.

"It was pretty good man laid-back friendly atmosphere, you got friendly service here," said Matt Judge. "It was friendly as ever I feel bad for the people who own it. But it's unfortunate it really is."

The Fire marshal should be able to get inside and investigate theĀ cause once firefighters say it's safe. Firefighters say theĀ building will probably be a complete loss, but they worked to save as much as possible.

Workers showed up to watch the diner burn and friends of the owner told Local 6 he has no idea how the fire could have started. He's not aware of any problems with any electrics or anything else that could spark the fire.

The building is ensured, but right now the owner isn't sure if he'll be able to rebuild.

Several workers say they depend on the job at 5 & Diner for all their income, so they'll have to figure out what to do next quickly.

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