Orange County model's race car stolen, stripped for parts

Jessica Barton's 1994 Toyota Supra worth $150K destroyed

ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando model says her $150,000 race car was stolen and stripped for parts last weekend in a trend that police say is developing among car thieves.

Jessica Barton and her boyfriend add performance enhancers to cars for a living and she says her 1994 Toyota Supra, which reaches speeds up to 160 mph, took them 8 years to build.

Barton says the theft occurred last Friday from her home and the thieves chopped it up, stripped it of parts and dumped it.

"I look around and it's gone," she said. "I was shaking I didn't know what to do."

Barton has been photographed with her car extensively and has driven it in races around the country.

"I couldn't function. It was just really scary," Barton said. "I never though in a million years somebody would take that car."

Over the years, she said she has pumped about $150,000 into it, with the paint job alone costs $8,000. She says the parts are expensive and extremely rare.

"These guys need to get stopped and I need to get my stuff back," she said.

Contact Crimeline or Orange County Sheriff's Office if you have any information on that crime.

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