Orange County School Board cracks down on bullying

Board includes sending pictures, spreading rumors as harassment

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County School Board members are cracking down on bullying as the board has amended its student Code of Conduct to include sending pictures and spreading rumors as harassment.

The school board has also clearly defined bullying.

"If it's a repetitive act, touching, hitting, calling out names, it is bullying," Kathy Marsh, a spokesperson for the district told Local 6.

Marsh said if a student calls another student a name once, it's harassment. If it happens twice, it's considered bullying.

Some parents think the policy could be even stricter, but other are happy to see it's being taken seriously.

"It's good that they're being proactive about that," said Heather Schwarz, a parent with two sons.

The changes take effect this school year.

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