Orange County teacher runs for school board after 'toxic culture' video

Teacher's culture of education YouTube video gets 40K views

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Video of an Orange County high school math teacher calling the  education system a "toxic culture" has gained a lot of attention on social media-- and now the teacher says he is running for school board.

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Joshua Katz, a math teacher at University High school, says he hopes to have a seat at the school district after his YouTube video from May gathered more than 40,000 views.

In the video and his speeches, Katz criticizes the education system in Florida, saying it relies solely on testing as a means to measure student growth. Katz says teaching has become about teaching how to take a test and ignoring developing student's learning skills.

Katz announced his candidacy Wednesday afternoon outside Cheney Elementary School. He would have to give up teaching in Orange County, according to district policy. 

According to the Florida Department of Education, its curriculum--including testing, has led to record growth in student performance. The department says more students than ever are graduating high school and more are improving performance on national tests.

Meanwhile, the Orange County School district says Katz' opinions have not put him in jeopardy of dismissal.

"Mr. Katz' talk clearly has not been viewed at all as an attack on the education process at University High School or by those who teach at University or within OCPS. There may be some points that raise the ire of some folks, or even stir thoughts, but, he has never been a candidate for dismissal due to a talk," said spokesperson Kathy Marsh.

Katz' election is August 26.


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