Orange County to use new GPS monitoring system

Pretrial release program defendants get fitted with controversial ankle monitors

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County defendants on pretrial release will be fitted with new ankle monitors as the county adds a new GPS monitoring program on Monday.

Orange County has hired 3M to monitor the 50 defendants awaiting trial.  Orange County spokesman Steve Triggs said the ankle monitors are an added layer of security for people already out on bond and on probation.

But the state of California said their monitoring devices had major flaws, putting the public in danger, according to the Los Angeles Times article. The article states explains how the state report deemed 3M's ankle monitors as "so inaccurate and unreliable, the public was in imminent danger.

Rafael Zaldivar, whose son, Alex, was killed by Bessman Okafor while Okafor was on GPS monitoring spoke out about monitoring programs in general. Alex Zaldivar was slated to testify against him at trial.

"CSI is going to be there to pick up my family, like my son, two bloody days, in a pool of blood, its too late, they do nothing here, nothing," Rafael Zaldivar said.

Rafael Zaldivar said the alleged felons should be watched by people, not by ankle bracelets. He told Local 6 he has a message for judges who let the accused the criminals out on bond.

"If they want to let them out on, why don't they take them home?" Rafael Zaldivar said. "We don't want them do you?"

The new GPS monitoring is for pretrial release supervision and is not one of the two programs already suspended-- home confinement and GPS monitoring of domestic violence suspects programs.

With the programs suspended, people accused of more serious crimes were starting to be referred to pretrial release supervision, which is adding the GPS monitoring of suspects.

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