Orlando facing nearly $30M budget gap

Gap likely to result in tax increase

ORLANDO, Fla. - The City of Orlando is facing a budget shortfall, which means the city is projected to bring in less money than it spends.

The shortfall could be close to $30 million, even if the city makes a 5 percent reduction across the board.

The city's chief financial officer, Rebecca Sutton, said during a presentation Monday that there were two options for the city -- raise revenue by increasing taxes or cut services.

"Those are the kind of choices that we have," said District Four Commissioner Patty Sheehan. "They're not good choices."

The problems started with property tax reform, according to city officials, and continued with the real estate market crash.

"The bottom line is we can't continue to provide a lot of the services with less revenue coming in," Sheehan said.

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