Orlando family says they may be owners of dog slammed against wall in video

Family says their Dachshund was treated at clinic around same time

By Erik Sandoval - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - Nearly one week after it first surfaced, the video showing a dog being slammed against the wall of an Orlando veterinary clinic is still very difficult to watch for many people.

Veterinarian Mohammad Hassan told Local 6 the incident reportedly happened about a year and a half ago. That's about the same time the Brown family brought their Dachshund, Oscar, in to the clinic for treatment.

"If that's my dog, that's ridiculous that someone would do that," said Stan Brown.

He says he saw Local 6's story showing the video and made the possible connection with his dog, Oscar.

"It made my wife and I angry looking at that video, whether it's our dog or not," he said. "The dog (Oscar) doesn't like to be crated. He very well may have been a little crazy."

Oscar didn't sustain any injuries during his stay at the clinic, and Dr. Hassan says the dog in the video didn't either.

Still, the Florida Veterinary Medical Board and the State Attorney's Office are investigating. The clinic manager was fired the day after Local 6 aired the story. Hassan said he wants to see the manager be prosecuted.

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