Orlando high school coaches honored after saving student's life

Michael Short, Rene Plasencia performed CPR on collapsed student

ORLANDO, Fla. - Two coaches were honored Tuesday for saving a 16-year-old boy's life after he collapsed during PE class at Colonial High School last month.

Football coach Michael Short and track coach Rene Plasencia immediately started CPR after Tyler Crane collapsed on the track on Sept. 26.

Doctors told Crane's parents his heart stopped beating.

"His lips were blue, he wasn't breathing," said Short. "Coach Plasencia dialed 911 real fast. I'm on my phone and we started CPR just immediately."

At a school board meeting Tuesday, Crane, Short and Plasencia received standing ovations.

The coaches were given certificates of appreciation from the board for their courage, quick actions and calmness during the emergency.

"You get very emotional because you see someone's child lying on the ground," said Plasencia. "You hope you did the best you could until paramedics arrived there. Thank God it was a miracle, it actually worked out great."

Crane's parents told Local 6 he spent ten days in the cardiac ICU after the incident, and it was discovered that he has a heart condition that's still being diagnosed.

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