Orlando hotel's stolen gorilla statue found on Christmas Day

Statue worth $5K, stolen from hotel before Thanksgiving

ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando police say they've tracked down an 800-pound gorilla on Tuesday that was stolen from an Orlando hotel last month.

Police told Local 6 the gorilla was reported missing before Thanksgiving. It had been stolen from The Metropolitan Express at 6323 International Drive, according to Orlando police.

[PICS: Gorilla stolen from hotel]

The bronze gorilla statue is valued between $5,000- $8,000.

Giovani Alba tells Local 6 he found the giant gorilla on his doorstep on Capri Place located in The Towns Of Southgate Complex, which is roughly four miles away from the hotel.

" I came home it scared me, the gorilla on my doorstep" said Alba.

According to Alba, one of his friends discovered the gorilla under some brush within the complex while walking his dog.

According to Alba's friend, he and another friend dragged the gorilla out of the wooded area, using a dolly." Alba then helped his friends move it upstairs.

"We're like 'let's carry it upstairs,' and here it is three weeks later, said Alba.

According to Alba, he says he did not realize the gorilla had been stolen until Christmas Day when he did an online search of 'bronze gorillas' and found Local 6's original report in November when the statue vanished.

Orlando police say they were called out to the home and a police report was filed. No charges are being filed in the case.

Officers say the hotel must determine how the metal statue will be transported from Alba's porch back to the hotel.

Because of the Christmas holiday, the hotel was not available for comment.

A second similar gorilla statue remains at the hotel, but it's now chained to a tree.

There is no formal reward for the gorilla's safe return, but the bartender at the hotel's tiki bar says they'll buy a round of drinks for whoever locates the stolen statue.

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