Orlando International Airport posts ride-share company warnings

Sign says services like UberX, Lyft don't comply with airport's permitting regulations

ORLANDO, Fla. - The city of Jacksonville ordered ride share companies Uber and Lyft to stop operations.  Orlando hasn't gone that far yet, but the city is handing out tickets and towing cars.

And now the Orlando International Airport has put up signs warning passengers not to ride share.

The sign is posted at baggage claim, at almost every carousel. The sign says services like UberX and Lyft don't comply with the airport's permitting regulations, which could jeopardize passenger safety.

Kaille Cunningham has used UberX and was surprised by the sign.

"I don't think it jeopardizes your safety at all," says Cunningham. "I don't think its up to the airport to decide where you should be getting your ride from."

Others who have used the service had a similar response.

"My experience has always been safe and comfortable so I wouldn't let a sign deter me," says Andrea Clark.

Joel Silverston agrees and says he's somewhat skeptical about the sign.

"I do think Uber is a good service and they should allow it from here especially considering its so much cheaper than a normal cab ride," he said. "They may be able to say its because of safety, but I don't know if its less safe though. It may be what they're saying so people can make their money."

The city says ride-share programs are violating Orlando's safety regulations by not obtaining permits, which require background checks. Mayor Buddy Dyer has met with representatives from Uber and Lyft and in a statement city spokesperson Cassandra Lafser tells Local 6, "We are hopeful we will be able to work with all the vehicle-for-hire providers to update our ordinance as needed to be inclusive of the latest technology but also ensures protections for our residents and visitors

The airport tells Local 6 the signs have been up since July 17. If ride-share operators are caught at the airport they face fines of over $500 and the car will be impounded. A second offense results in the operator being trespassed from airport property and if there is a third offense the operator is arrested.

UberX released a statement in response to the sign, saying, "Any attempt to restrict competition and access to safe and reliable transportation options only hurts the residents and visitors who rely on Uber to make a living and safely move around their city."

A letter was released to Uber officials on Wednesday from the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority detailing the ordinance and says that "the aviation authority welcomes competition that encourages good service and fair pricing, but it must be conducted within the context of the aviation authority's Ground Transportation Rules and Regulations."

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