Orlando Magic kicks off media day

Magic works to market new faces on team

ORLANDO, Fla. - The Orlando Magic kicked off its annual media day on Monday without Dwight Howard on the roster for the first time in 8 years.

Only seven familiar faces are returning to the Magic this season, including Jameer Nelson, JJ Reddick and "Big Baby" Glenn Davis. The remaining 12 are brand new to the team.

While die-hard fans will support the Magic no matter who is on the court, team officials must attempt to sell tickets with few marketable superstar players.

"We're going to focus on the fact we have a new look," said Magic CEO Alex Martins. "Obviously we have to introduce all our players to the community, all our new players to the community."

Martins insisted it's not a "rebuilt" team that's starting from scratch, but he believes the groundwork is in place for a sustainable team that will hopefully avoid another loss like Howard--whose face is still all over the Amway CenterĀ  in photos and memorabilia as of Monday.

Martins said the sale of season tickets on pace with previous years, including 1,500 brand new season ticketholders.

"You have to wait and see what comes out on the floor and how they perform, collectively. What they do as a team," Martin said. "Because nobody can sit here and predict that today. Because this team, this collection of players, hasn't been on the basketball floor together."

Big Baby told Local 6 fans need to have faith in the Magic.

"You're going to enjoy watching us," Davis said. "You're going to see a bunch of guys like us play hard. We're going to be the hardest playing team in the league."

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