Orlando mayor pushes for CopDots after his car was burglarized

Mayor Buddy Dyer says at news conference his unlocked car was rooted through

ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer revealed his car was broken into on Wednesday night at a news conference to debut a new technology that will help combat property crimes.

Dyer said at the news conference Thursday morning that CopDots was necessary to help battle burglaries but that there are other things residents can do to make sure they aren't victims of crime.

"Last night I left my car unlocked and I was a victim of burglary," Dyer said. "And I want to make sure that everybody learns from my mistake. So number one, don't leave valuables in your car, fortunately I didn't not do that but what I didn't do is I didn't lock my car. So make sure that you lock your car."

According to the Orlando police report, Dyer's black 2013 Ford Expedition was left unlocked. $1 in loose change was stolen, according to the report, but it's not clear if anything else was taken.

CopDots, a high-tech adhesive that contains thousands of tiny dots with a unique and irremovable number on it, allows residents to mark their property.

CopDots will provide OPD with 1,000 samples that will be used within the city at various Neighborhood watch and community events.

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