Orlando Police Department hiring 911 operators

3 to 5 positions available, according to Orlando police's communications manager

ORLANDO, Fla. - A post on the Orlando Police Department's Facebook page advertises for several open positions in the city's communications center, where 911 calls are answered.

Taunya Harris, Orlando police's communications manager, told Local 6 three to five positions are available. Potential employees would dispatch, answer calls or focus on data entry.

Whatever the position, Harris said applicants need to be able to multi-task, type quickly and know how to take control of a situation.

"They may have to take over the conversation. They may get a little aggressive, however it's important that they get the information to give to officers so they can assist citizens," Harris said.

Harris said the openings are a result of the high turnover, which she says is normal at the center.

"This is a highly stressful position," said Harris.

Each day more than 2,000 calls come into the communications center, 30 percent of those are 911 calls. During any given shift, approximately 10 people answer calls at a time.

Tonni Jorge has been an operator for 15 years. Every day she deals with emergency calls that could be a matter of life or death. She said the job is rewarding, but it can easily become emotional.

"You want to know how those people are doing, but it comes with the job. I would be trying to save the whole world if I could, but you know it's not humanly possible," said Jorge.

Anyone interested in applying can do so by clicking here.

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