Orlando police search for man who robbed woman at gunpoint

Gunman got away with woman's purse, cellphone, credit cards, social security card

ORLANDO, Fla. - A woman was ambushed just as she's leaving her apartment in the middle of the day and Orlando police are still searching for the man who robbed her at gunpoint.

The attack happened Friday at the Fountains at Millenia Apartments, right next to the Mall at Millenia.

Beatriz Velasquez told Local 6 she's still having nightmares after a man pointed a gun at her and robbed her.

"I'm very sad because he has my social security card, he knows where I live, he has everything. My life has changed," said Velasquez.

Velasquez believes the gunman was hiding underneath the stairwell under her apartment, waiting for the perfect time to strike. She said as she was walking to her car, a man came up to her, held a gun against her chest and demanded her belongings.

"He said, 'Give me your purse, cellphone and keys or I'll kill you.' I said, 'OK, OK,'" said Velasquez.

The man then ran off and that's when Velasquez was able to get someone to call 911.

Luis Sotelo said he's grateful his wife wasn't hurt.

"It's been tough for us since this happened, especially for her," said Sotelo. "It could have been worse. These people, when they come for something, they don't care. They'll take a life if they have to."

Now neighbors are worried and say they'll be more cautious about their surroundings.

"It's really shocking for me to hear that," said Paula Pena, who has family just one building away. "It's scary because you live here and you should be safe in the place you live."

The man got away with Velasquez's purse, cellphone, credit cards and social security card.

Velasquez described the man to officers as a tall and skinny white man with no facial hair in his 30s, wearing all dark blue clothing.

If you have any information, call the Orlando Police Department at 407-246-2425.

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