Osceola murder suspects appear in court

Deputies believe suspects are connected with 14 recent shootings

KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Four people, including two teens, arrested in a recent shooting spree in Osceola County appeared in court today.

Kissimmee police said Konrad Schafer, 15, and David Damus, 20, were arrested in connection with 14 shootings, including the deaths of 17-year-old David Guerrero and 22-year-old Eric Roopnarine.

Victoria Rios, 17 and Juan Muriel, 20 are also accused of being involved in the shootings.

Friends and family of Roopnarine showed up in court today and expressed opinions on what happened.

"I think they all should be charged as an adult," said Jamila Rodriguez, a friend of Roopnarine. "If they had the audacity to do it, they should all pay for what they did."

Rios promised to have sex with Roopnarine for money, but instead showed up at his house with the others, who robbed and killed him.

Damus shot Roopnarine in the face and Schafer stabbed him in the neck.

Investigators say  Muriel was there during the killing and drove the get away car. He is also charged with first degree murder.

"He thought it would be fun to shoot Mr Guerrero," said Kissimmee Police Chief Lee Massie, referring to Schafer. "This is the type of individuals we put in jail today."

Police said a .45-caliber gun was linked to both deaths.

Guerrero was gunned down in Kissimmee in late June as he walked to a bus stop on his way to work, and a .45-caliber bullet was found at the scene in early July, police said.

Detectives went to gun shops in the area and learned that a .45-caliber Hi-Point carbine had been sold on June 24 to Schafer's father.  He stored the gun, but his son took it, according to police.  The father has not been charged.

Police said Schafer and Damus were also linked to four other shootings in Kissimmee, three in St. Cloud and six in Osceola County.  Most of the shootings resulted in homes or businesses being damaged.

The family of Guerrero spoke out after police announced the arrest.

"We can't believe there's kids out there 15 years old thinking that something like this can be fun," said Liz Zapata, Guerrero's aunt. "They have no idea how many lives they have touched how, many families right now are suffering."

Zapata said she and her family pray at the scene of Guerrero's death every day. They hope the arrest will prevent other families from going through the agony they've had to endure.

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