Palm Bay residents clean up after storms damage several homes

Malabar Lakes Apartment complex hit hardest

PALM BAY, Fla. - Homeowners across Palm Bay spent Tuesday night picking up debris after storms tore through the area in the early evening hours.

Some of the worst damage happened inside the Malabar Lakes Apartment complex, where windows were blown out and car ports were destroyed.

"I heard a whistle sound, and a big bang," said Wendy Niubo, an apartment resident.

Niubo says she grabbed her cat and ran to her bathroom, waiting for the storm to pass.

A metal roof landed at another woman's front door.

Two miles away, a large tree just missed John Abbell's house.

"It flipped our neighbors trampoline.  It took down their whole screen porch behind their house," Abbell said.

At the intersection of Minton and Chandler roads, a palm tree branch fell from the sky and put a dent in a patrol car as an officer was inside writing a ticket, according to Palm Bay police.

Police say no one was injured in the storms.

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