Parents concerned over parking problems surrounding Lake County ball fields

Minneola city manager looks into solutions

By Clay LePard - Reporter

MINNEOLA, Fla. - A popular ball field in Lake County has some neighbors concerned, not because of the ballplayers, but because of where people are parking. 

Donna Reed, a retired firefighter with Orange County, has gotten worried on more than one occasion after seeing people park on both sides of the street along Tuppelo Court and Cannella Court, near the Minneola Athletic Complex. 

"it's crazy parking around here, the streets fill up, all the streets," Reed said. "The parking lots get filled up, there's nowhere to park. I know for a fact the other night I was here, when there was cars doubled up on both sides, there's no way a firetruck could get through here." 

After working as a firefighter for 32 years, Reed worries if an emergency were to ever arise at the athletic complex or at the neighboring homes, first responders would not be able to arrive as quickly as needed. 

News 6 brought Reed's concerns to Minneola City Hall, where city leaders said they're going to look at putting more no parking signs on one side of the streets here. 

Mark Johnson, the city manager, said neighboring Gatewood Avenue already had "no parking" signs put in on one side of the street not too long ago. Now that the homes are mostly built on Tuppelo and Cannella Court, Johnson said he's going to look at gives those streets the same treatment. 

Johnson also plans on having coaches reiterate with parents the importance of parking in the ball field parking lots, and any overflow parking at neighboring Grassy Lake Elementary School. 

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