Parents may pay for student busing in Lake County

Lake County School District to stop paying for busing near school

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - Parents at Lake Minneola High School could still have to pay for their kids to take the bus to school, according to a last-minute school board meeting.

But there is still a chance the Lake County commission will pick up the tab.

The Lake County School District has been busing the students, but a week after classes go into session, the district will stop paying the more than $5,000 a year it costs and ask the county to pay for the buses.

Ranica Ramroop said she won't let her high-schooler walk to school because it's not safe. She lives in the Skyridge Valley subdivision, close enough to Lake Minneola HS for students to walk, but students have to cross Old Highway 50.

"There's no sidewalk for the kids to walk and riding their bike especially in the morning there 6:30, they're in the road," she said.

The district is also ending bus service for several dozens of Groveland Elementary students in as similar situation. Board members will make an appeal to the City of Groveland to pay for the courtesy busing route.

No matter what the city of Groveland decides, board member Bill Mathias said he will pay for the bus service for elementary students himself if needed.

The county commission is expected to discuss if they'll pay for the Lake Minneola students to get buses at their meeting on Jan. 14. Those students total about 100.

Lake County School district also hopes the county commission will reimburse them for the last few years the district has paid for the Lake Minneola service. According to the board, they had a verbal agreement the county would pay, but so far they haven't received any money.

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