Parents pay more attention to smartphones than their kids

Distracted parents caught on video in Central Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. - The cellphone revolution has created a parenting dilemma; should you put those smart phones away or juggle attention between kids and gadget.

The Wall Street Journal calls it the "Perils Of Parenting While Texting" referring to the Center for Disease Controls finding that reported accidental injuries like broken bones, even near drowning, have jumped by 12 percent for kids under five between 2007-2010.

During the same period of time the smart phone boom has seen 54-million Americans invest in the cell phone gadgets.

Dr. Mark Clark Medical Director of the Children's Emergency Department at Arnold Palmer Hospital says it goes beyond statistical coincidence.

"I definitely think there is a connection," Clark said. "I don't think we have to have medical evidence on this one because it's like saying we need to study if it is dangerous to jump out of a plane without a parachute."

Over a three day period WKMG-TV Local 6, recorded parents at Lake Eola Park in Orlando going through the same ritual of glancing up at their children and then going into a sort of cell phone trance.

One woman who asked not to be identified said the smart phone distraction doesn't surprise her. "If they're going to look at their cell phone and text while driving, it doesn't shock me that they're going to look at their phone while their children are playing"

Dr. Clark says an injury to a child can happen in a split second and the cell phones should be out of mind when your with your children .

"Texting is a very intense activity," Clark said. "You have to read, you have to create and you have to type…and when you do all those things it's hard for you to be watching your child."

One woman , who identified herself as a single mom, says her job as a real estate agent forces her to juggle attention between children and cell phone.

"I'm able to do both, I have to, I am a single mom so I have to be able to do everything myself. I'm not able to be out here with my kids and not work."

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