Parents protest end to courtesy busing

Children to walk unsafe routes

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - Parents protested outside the Lake County School Board on Thursday, saying their children's routes to school are unsafe, and the roads are dangerous to walk across.

Many of the children that attend Triangle Elementary School in Mount Dora will have to walk along Old U.S. Highway 441, which does not have sidewalks.

The city is responsible for hiring crossing guards, but a city spokesperson told Local 6 they won't be placing crossing guards in the area around Old U.S. 441 and Eudora Road until the county paints cross walks.

The county's public works director was not in the office on Thursday, but a spokesperson told Local 6 cross walks will not be put down without sidewalks.

Jim Pugh said he supports the school board's decision to do away with courtesy busing for kids who live close to their school.

He thinks the kids will be safe crossing busy intersections, but says it wouldn't hurt to put up a sign or two.

"If they're saving $2 million, I think if they were going to spend $3,000 on a big sign that was maybe colored to the point that said, 'for these two hours, please be mindful, there's going to be kids crossing,'" he said.

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