Partial drinking ban on beach debated in Cocoa Beach

City leaders looking at solutions after couple arrested for indecent exposure

By Sheli Muniz - Reporter

COCOA BEACH, Fla. - Every year, more than 2 million people visit Cocoa Beach. They shop, swim, eat, and some drink. The Minuteman Causeway seems to be ground zero for the party crowd, but the partying can turn into problems. Just last weekend, a couple was arrested for indecent exposure.

City leaders are looking at solutions, more patrols and maybe even a booze ban. The ban could limit drinking on the beach, by location, by time, or nix it completely.

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"You ban liquor and my store will probably close," said one business owner.

"I don't like what I heard, because the subject's been discussed over and over again," said Alan White, owner of Foam Shapers.

They fear this could lead to their doors closing, but City Manager Bob Majka thinks it could only open them for a new crowd.

"Certainly, one demographic can be pushed out but if it's replaced, for example, by families, then there's an opportunity there to have that dialogue about what other type of customer would patronize the beach," said Majka.

"They can drink inside of a bar and go down to the beach and do the same things, so you can't ban drinking on the beach and fix what they want to fix," said White.

City leaders decided to move forward with the ideas and will hold workshops to have more discussions with business owners and residents.

The workshop date will be decided in the next meeting.

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