Pastor Wants To Put Quran On 'Trial'

Dr. Terry Jones Plans New Stunt, May Destroy Copy Of Muslim Holy Book

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - The Gainesville pastor who attracted worldwide attention for threatening to burn the Quran is now planning another stunt.

Dr. Terry Jones now wants to put the Quran on trial, planning what he is calling "International Judge the Koarn Day" on March 20 in Gainesville.

"We will have a prosecuting attorney. We will call witnesses. You can call witnesses. The Quran will be judged," Jones said in a YouTube video.

Jones said the Muslim holy book incites terrorism, but he wants the public to be the final judge.

Jones claims that if the public "convicts" the Quran, he will destroy a copy by burning it, "drowning" it, shredding it or subjecting it to a firing squad.

Last summer, Jones backed down from plans to burn the Quran after world leaders warned him that his actions might incite violence.

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