Pepsi pulls controversial Mountain Dew ad

Ad created by rapper considered racist, misogynistic

ORLANDO, Fla. - PepsiCo has pulled an online commercial after a passionate response which saw the ad characterized as racist, misogynistic and offensive.

The commercial for Mountain Dew was developed by Tyler, the Creator -- a rapper who is "known for pushing boundaries," according to his manager.

The ad depicts a beaten white woman on crutches behind a two-way mirror looking at a police lineup of suspects. A white policeman tells the woman to point to the man who attacked her.

The lineup consists of five African-American men and a character called Felicia the Goat.

In the ad, the goat is heard threatening the woman, saying things like, "You better not snitch on a playa'," "Keep your mouth shut," and "I'm gonna' get out of here and do you up."

Frightened, the woman screams, "I can't do this!" and leaves the room.

Since its release, the ad has been criticized for its portrayal of African-Americans and women.

Dr. Boyce Watkins, a social commentator and professor at Syracuse University, called the ad "the most racist commercial in history."

"Of course, in Mountain Dew's world, every single suspect is black," Watkins wrote on his blog.

PepsiCo pulled the ad in response to the criticism.

On its Twitter account, Mountain Dew wrote "…made a big mistake we've removed the offensive video from all our channels #fail."

The ad was posted online and was never meant to air on TV.

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