Personal files picked up from Winter Park dumpster

Late attorney's paperwork includes evictions, medical documents, bank accounts

WINTER PARK, Fla. - After sitting out for at least 24 hours, the most personal information of dozens of people dumped in the trash has been carted away after a Local 6 report found the documents had been tossed in Winter Park.

A woman, who wouldn't tell Local 6 her name, said she had proper authority to get rid of the files belonging to clients of Frank Bartolomeo, a lawyer who is now deceased.

The woman did not seem too concerned the private documents were sitting in the dumpster exposed. She did, however, assure us they would be handled properly.

"Why is it any interest to you?" the woman asked Local 6.
"Because clients are angry, as you can imagine," responded Local 6's Sheli Muniz.

The woman said she understood, but had no comment about why they were tossed in the dumpster with no shredding or editing.

"As a person who has a Social Security number, can you understand why somebody would be upset? They are not shredded, they are just sitting there on top," said Muniz.

"Of course, I understand and that is why I am going to see to it that everything is handled properly," said the woman.

Local 6's legal analyst said proper procedure is documents are supposed to be kept for a certain amount of years and then clients are to be contacted and given the option to have their paperwork returned.

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