Personal information dumped in trash outside closed DeLand day care, worker says

Parents, workers say Children's Playskool didn't notify them of closure

By Loren Korn - Reporter

DeLAND, Fla. - Not only did staff at Children's Playskool lose their jobs and parents lose a day care, they are now worried what could have happened after employees found personal records in the dumpster.

"This is where I found the documents," said Samantha Slaughter.

The former employee said she found dozens of records filled with everyone's personal information on Saturday night.

"Social Security numbers, first and last names, there was addresses and phone numbers for the children and their parents information," she said.

There were also shot records and physicals of current and former enrolled kids, out in plain view.

"There's all kinds of people that walk back here that could have easily seen them," said Slaughter.

It's something that bothers a former day care parent, who only wanted to be called Vanessa.

"I was very angry to put it lightly. They have my Social Security number, her Social Security number, all her information. That's stuff that I don't just want thrown in the trash where anyone has access to it."

Employees are also worried.

"It's my personal information. In the first place I feel sad and in the second place I feel scared," said Ana Menendez.

But Celianne Romero's attorney said Romero had nothing to do with it.

"We are currently investigating the allegation that some records that may have been found by parents or may have been disposed of by Ms. Santos but at this time, we have found no evidence that any such information has been discarded or could be in the possession of unauthorized persons," said Christopher Byrd.

Local 6 spoke with legal analyst Luis Calderon who said it's not necessarily a crime to improperly dispose sensitive information, but it's more of a civil matter.

"If that information gets out and somebody's harmed by the fact that it was made available, then you could be looking at a lawsuit for basically violating somebody's privacy rights," said Calderon.

Those records have since been turned over to DeLand police and have been marked as evidence.

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