Pet Bazaar owner: Stolen snake found at flea market

Surveillance video shows men breaking into store, stealing exotic pets

By Ashleigh Coran - Executive Producer

CASSELBERRY, Fla. - Weeks after several snakes and two lizards were stolen from a Casselberry pet store, the owner told Local 6 that one of the snakes was found at a flea market.

Shane Hill, owner of Pet Bazaar, said police caught someone at Flea World trying to sell the snake. 

It's not known if the seller was one of the men caught on video breaking into Pet Bazaar last month.  One arrest was previously made in the case.

Surveillance video showed two men breaking in through a side window of the shop. The men combed the store for about 15 minutes and stuffed the snakes and lizards into a large bin.

The list of items stolen include two adult bearded dragons, a green male ghost ball python, a motley boa, two spider ball pythons, three striped Kenyan sand boas, a baby hypo Columbian boa, a red blood python and a lesser ball python.

Hill said the men also ripped his 46-inch flat screen television off of the wall and stole his laptop computer.

"I'm mad," Hill said last month. "I feel victimized. I'm a small business, and I don't know why someone would choose me to do this to."

Hill said the snakes that were stolen can sell for hundreds of dollars.

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