Police: Boy suffered torturous abuse at hands of his mom

Others may also face charges

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

ORLANDO - A little boy is dead after police say he was tortured by his mother, but even more people could soon be facing charges.

Right now, Mikkia Lewis, 22, and her boyfriend, Joe McCaskell, 32, are facing aggravated child abuse charges after the death of Lewis' 4-year-old son, Ke'Andre.

Local 6 has learned investigators plan to search Lewis' Facebook page to track down relatives and friends who may have been aware of what authorities call a case of "chronic abuse".

A spokesman with the Department of Children and Families said they were only notified about the abuse after the child had died, but a new child abuse law that went into effect in Florida in October, requires anyone who sees abuse to report it. Failing to do so is a third degree felony.

Police said McCaskell called 911on April 15, and told dispatchers the four-year-old was not breathing.

"It's a shame," said Sheryl Green, who lives in the same apartment complex.

Green did not know the family, but says she saw the police at the family's apartment about a week before the child died.

"The lady was on the inside, and the man was on the outside, and all I seen was him kicking in the door trying to get it," said Green.

Days later, there would be a death investigation at that apartment.

When paramedics arrived at the South Daytona apartment on April 15, they said it appeared the child had already been dead for several hours.

The Medical Examiner is calling it a case of chronic abuse.

According to the police report, Ke'Andre's entire body was covered in bruises, his shoulders dislocated, his left nipple mutilated.

If anyone else knew about the abuse and kept it secret, they too could be facing charges.

"And they should," said neighbor Kathy Hardsock, who also did not know the family. "I mean, I'm sorry, you don't do that."

"Someone knew that that child was being abused," said Green. "If this child was attending daycare, they should have detected that."

According to the police report, Ke'Andre's Head Start teachers performed a health check on April 11th --- just four days before he died--- and said he appeared normal.

McCaskell told authorities he and Lewis had only been dating for about three months and the boy's mother was the primary abuser. Both have criminal records.

McCaskell was charged with battery in 2012 and had a domestic violence injunction in 2011.

Lewis was charged with possession of cocaine in 2011.

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