Police: Burglar kills family dog

Orlando neighbor says burglar acted 'careless' after crimes

ORLANDO, Fla. - Anger and heartbreak has spread across an Orlando neighborhood after police said a burglar stabbed and killed a family's dog.

Late Wednesday evening, Orlando police released a sketch of the suspect, who they said broke into three houses along King Street in College Park and killed the 2-year-old boxer in the process.

The dog, named Wilson, was a puppy when he was given to the children of the family as a Christmas gift two years ago.

Cleanup crews spent the evening inside the home, as neighbors tried to understand why a burglar would kill the family's dog. The break-ins happened around lunchtime Wednesday, while most families were away at work, police said.

Leonard Mobley was one of the few neighbors home at the time. He told Local 6 he watched the man he described as "careless" walk casually between the homes.

"It's bad enough to be in the house, break into the home, but to kill the pet? That's pretty low," said Mobley, who watched the burglar back his car into one driveway and open the trunk.

Mobley said he had no idea the man inside was about to stab his neighbor's pet.

"The dog, there's no excuse for that. The guy, he didn't have to stab the dog. I don't think the dog would really have hurt him," said Mobley. "That really upsets you, you know. He might have killed someone else if they had been human."

For whatever reason, the dog at the neighbor's house was spared. The dog's owner told Local 6 he is grateful his dog survived, but angry another dog died. He said he suspects his dog survived because it rarely barks.

As police investigate the crime, the families affected are left to wonder why it happened.

Mobley's thoughts are on the family who lost their pet.

"They have their 10-year-old. They have to tell him something tonight. I don't know how they're going to approach that," he said.

OPD described the burglar as a white man in his late teens to early 20s with a thin build and blond hair.  Police said he was last seen driving a newer model four-door car, possibly a Chevrolet Malibu. Anyone with information about the culprit is urged to call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS.

Local 6 has learned another home was burglarized a few blocks away on Fairway Lane, where the dog was also harmed. Police said they're looking into the possibility that the two burglaries are related.

The American Bulldog, named Sweetie, suffered a cut on her head and her side, and her owner says he believes the same burglar struck his house.

"That would be the place to hit her, right in the face," said owner Tom Andrews. "I'm sure she was checking him out."

Andrews said his wife discovered the dog wandering loose outside their home when she returned from work. He said he also sympathizes with the family whose dog was killed.

"I feel bad for those other people who had their dog killed," said Andrews. " If I came home and she was dead, it would be very, very difficult for me to deal with."

Andrews said the burglar shattered a window to get into the kitchen and took jewelry, TVs and other valuables from his home.

"He stood on my air conditioner, which kind of bent it, and then went through the window here," said Andrews.

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