Police: Longwood teens lied about abduction attempt after missing curfew

Teens lied about a man trying to drag them into woods, police say

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LONGWOOD, Fla. - Two teenagers lied to Longwood police about an attempted abduction along the railroad tracks because they were late for their curfew, according to police.

Longwood police said the teens reported that a man tried to drag one of them into the wooded area next to Longwood Street on Sunday night. The teens then told police that in the struggle, the teen and abductor fell to the ground, rolled down a small hill and into a ditch, according to a release.

After police found no evidence of the abduction, the teens told authorities it wasn't true. They said they were out looking to confront someone that they were fighting with when they heard a noise in woods at the same time their parents pulled into the area, according to the report. The teens became frightened and made up the story to avoid being punished for being out later than they were supposed to.

It's not clear if the teens are facing any charges from lying to law enforcement officers.

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