Police: Ocala school worker arrested for allegedly sending naked photos to students

Worker confessed to detectives to sending photos to 2 Vanguard students

OCALA, Fla. - Police say an Ocala school worker has been arrested for sending naked pictures to students.

A student told detectives that in Jan. 2013, he received what he believed were 26 naked pictures of 43-year-old Jody Onorato on his cell phone.

The student said he admitted that prior to receiving the photos, he and Onorato texted each other several times that were "sexual in nature," said detectives.

Detectives said the student said he and Onorato never got together to have a physical sex encounter.

The mother of student told detectives that she confronted her son after she found out about the rumors in high school that he had naked photos of Onorato in his cell phone.

The student admitted to his mother that he, in fact, had several naked pictures of Onorato in his cell phone, but detectives said he deleted them.

Detectives said the mother told them that she made contact with another former student from Vanguard, who told her that her son had sent the other student a naked photo of Onorato back in Oct. 2012.

On Friday, Detectives conducted a control phone call between the second student's mother and Onorato. In the recorded conversation, detectives said Onorato apologized to the mother for sending a naked picture of her to her son.

Detectives conducted a second control phone call on Friday between the first student's mother and Onorato. Detectives said this mother confronted Onorato and asked her what she was thinking when she sent all the naked photos of her to her son over the cell phone.

Onorato apologized to this mother for sending her son naked pictures of her. Detectives said Onorato told this mother that this took place sometime at the beginning of Jan. 2013.

Detectives said Onorato confessed to a detective that she had sent naked photos to both of the students. Onorato told detectives she did not know exactly when she sent her naked photos to the first student, but was over one year ago.

Onorato also confessed to sending more than one naked photo to the second student and believes this happened at the beginning of the year.

Onorato has been charged with two counts of transmitting harmful material to a minor with bond set at $10,000.

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