Police officers give Central Florida schools security surveys

Local 6 follows police as they assess Lake Mary Prep

LAKE MARY, Fla. - Many Central Florida schools are taking advantage of authorities doing security surveys in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting and Local 6 rode along with one officer during his security assessment.

Officer Zach Hudson took Local 6 inside Lake Mary Preparatory School on Thursday as he looked over every classroom, giving security tips.

"When someone's trying to shoot you, locking a door is no longer an option," Hudson said. He says every classroom should be equipped with double locks.

"Having a mechanism here and then a second locking mechanism here almost like a deadbolt that would be turned with a key that would be there if someone tries to kick a door," he said.

Hudson says one tip is taking a TV or cabinet to block the door in the case of active threats. He also said the safety glass, made with wire mesh, will take a shooter longer to break but suggest covering it to prevent anyone from peering in.

"Make that bad guy work for everything, don't make anything easy," he said. "Every school should have a plan, every school should understand that they are now dealing in a completely different new world when it comes to the violence perpetrated at schools."

As for the outside, a magnetic lock will help secure all exterior doors by pushing the button. Hudons gave the school a 'B-' for preparation and Headmaster Glenn Chapin says he's working on improving the school's plan.

"We want to be an 'A' in the mind of our students their parents and our faculty and staff," Chapin said.

The school said they'll also be enrolling their teachers in a self-defense course.

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