Police release more calls made by George Zimmerman

Police: Zimmerman shot, killed Trayvon Martin, 17

SANFORD, Fla. - Sanford police have released more calls made to the police by George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who police say shot and killed a Sanford teen.

Zimmerman, 28, is accused of shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Sanford police said Zimmerman has called 911 46 times since 2001, reporting disturbances, break-ins and other incidents. On nine different occasions, Zimmerman has reported a suspicious person.

From January 2011 to February 2012 records show there were 402 calls to police from that neighborhood, five were about burglaries, but a majority of the calls were about disturbances.

Local 6 has obtained six of the calls to the non-emergency line that Zimmerman has made in the past year, all leading up to the shooting.

In one of the calls, Zimmerman tells authorities he's with neighborhood watch and has seen a man walking around the neighborhood in pajama pants walking around a resident's house.

"I've seen him before on trash days, going around picking up trash," Zimmerman said in the call. " I don't know what his deal is."

In other calls, Zimmerman tells authorities someone left their garage door open or that kids are playing in the street running out in front of cars.

A couple of weeks before Zimmerman shot Martin, according to a call, Zimmerman says he didn't want to approach a suspicious person himself.

But police reports obtained by Local 6 on Monday show he has reacted differently in the past leading up to his encounter with Martin. In two separate cases, Zimmerman followed two people he found suspicious.

In one case from 2003, Zimmerman, then 20 years old, said he witnessed a theft from a retail store. So he followed the car and blocked the entrance of the thieves neighborhood until authorities arrived, according to a report.

In another case, Zimmerman, then 19, was accused of tailgating and Zimmerman accused the other drive of spitting on him. Zimmerman then called police to report he was battered and chased the suspect in his car until authorities could stop him, according to the report.

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Zimmerman has not been arrested, in the causing public outrage. Neighbors said Zimmerman has since moved out of the complex.

Sanford police say they cannot arrest Zimmerman because he said it was self-defense, a claim supported, they say, by witness accounts and other evidence, including Zimmerman's bloody nose.

The 911 calls made in the February shooting were released Friday, shedding more light into what happened in the shooting. Zimmerman didn't elaborate in the calls what made Martin look suspicious.

Meanwhile, Florida college students angered by the case protested outside of the Seminole County criminal courts building on Monday. Rev. Al Sharpton is also planning a rally for Martin this week.

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