Ann Romney caters to Mitt's female supporters at RNC

Romney's wife speaks about deficit, budget at 'Women for Romney' event

TAMPA, Fla. - "Ann, you did us proud last night"

Mary Hart, the former host of Entertainment Tonight, echoed the thoughts of an elated group of women in support of Mitt Romney Wednesday morning at a breakfast fundraiser in Tampa's downtown Hyatt Regency ballroom.

"Thank you for speaking so eloquently from the heart because it so touched ours," said Hart as she introduced both Mrs. Romney and Jenna Ryan, the wife of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

Mrs. Romney was one of the main speakers at the Republican National Convention Tuesday evening.  Her speech, which preceded New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, focused on the Romney's family life and their struggles as a young couple.

"I see that she started out a regular person in the apartment eating tuna and I can relate to that," said Gale Sayers, a delegate from Texas who brought her 17 year old daughter to the "Women for Romney" breakfast.

Sayers was among some 1,000 women who showed up to get to know the more personal side of the Romney family.

All five of the Romney's daughters-in-law sang the praises of their mother in law.  From talking about how intimidated they are by her perfectly constructed peach pies, to getting advice from her as a mother and wife.

"She's a really modern feminist ... and so comfortable in her own skin," said Andelyne Romney who is married to Boston doctor and middle Romney son, Benjamin.

Video blurbs with anecdotes from all five sons, family photos and home movies elicited cheers and applause from the crowd as they waited for Ann to give another speech.

"The delegates might just nominate Ann," joked Mitt Romney in a brief video clip where he joked that he would be there in person but he didn't think he was invited.

Romney took the stage in the smaller venue and began a much more political rhetoric compared to her nationally televised speech at the convention.

"He knows it inside and out, better than anyone in this country," she said, touting Paul Ryan's insight on the budget as an explanation for why Mitt wanted him as a running mate.

She talked about why her husband is the better candidate for women by discussing a woman's role in the household expenses.

"They say women aren't as good at math.  Well we know how to balance a checkbook.  We are not going to leave a legacy of debt.  That is one of the reasons I said (to Mitt) you're going to run," said Mrs. Romney.

Following the breakfast, she quickly went to an event at Tampa's all Children's Hospital before attending a Latino Coalition Luncheon.

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