Celebrities take center stage at Republican National Convention

Local 6's Lauren Rowe talks with familiar faces

TAMPA, Fla. - The biggest political celebrities in the Republican party are poised to take center stage at the party's national convention Thursday night in Tampa, but all week the area has been packed with familiar faces you may not expect to see at a political convention.

On radio row in the convention center, UN Ambassador John Bolton took questions from an army of conservative talk radio hosts. But John Voight, the actor, seemed to be getting more attention.

Voight, who couldn't be further away on the political spectrum from his daughter Angelina Jolie, has been fielded questions from television crews all week.

"On the ticket, I have two of my favorite people," he told Local 6 anchor Lauren Rowe.

Voight is part of very small club of Hollywood conservatives.

Steven Baldwin, who is just as different politically from his brother Alec as Voight is his daughter, was also in attendance at the Republican National Convention.

Baldwin did not have time for an interview, but former Saturday Night Live cast member Victoria Jackson could not wait to talk about her conservative values.

"I believe in small government, less taxes free enterprise and capitalism," she said.
Mary Hart, the former entertainment tonight host, sang the praises of Ann Romney at a Republican women's breakfast Wednesday. In the crowd was actress Janine
Turner from the late 90's CBS show "Northern Exposure."

Political pundits like Ann Coulter were also easy to spot.

"I am loving it. Last night was so great," said the infamous conservative author.

Inside the Times Forum is a sea of whose who among television news personalities.

"These conventions are fun. People say they are not going to have them anymore but I hope they do," said CBS News icon Bob Schieffer.

Geraldo Rivera was more star struck by American Idol's Taylor Hicks than any politican when Rowe caught up with him.

Hicks is there to perform but also said he thinks it's important to encourage voters.
Musicians are playing both private and public events at the convention. Kid Rock performed last night and tonight the Zac Brown Band will play a private function
following the speech.

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