Fla. Gov. wins award for First Amendment 'violations'

'Muzzle' awards handed out by Thomas Jefferson Center

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Rick Scott visits an Orlando Walmart.

RICHMOND, Va. - A free-speech group has named the winners of its annual "Muzzle" awards to groups it considers the most egregious First Amendment violators.

The Virginia-based Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression says Florida Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature earned a Muzzle for enacting a law that bars doctors from discussing gun safety with their patients. A federal judge has blocked its enforcement, ruling that it infringed on physician-patient relationships.

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Other winners include: the U.S. State Department for disinviting a Palestinian political cartoonist from a conference after discovering what they considered anti-Semitic cartoons on his website and a Texas college professor who removed the "F-word" from a designated "free-speech" wall.

The Muzzles mark the April 13 birthday of Jefferson, a free-speech advocate and the nation's third president.

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