Head of Florida Democratic Party seeks to extend early voting

Letter sent to Gov. Rick Scott

ORLANDO, Fla. - The chairman of Florida's Democratic Party is asking Gov. Rick Scott to extend early voting in the state through Sunday to ensure everyone has a chance to be heard.

Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith sent the Republican governor his request Thursday after mounting reports of record voter turnout across the state and long waits for voters in many cases.

But locally, lines haven't appeared to be too long. Local 6 was at the Alafaya Branch Library on Thursday where the average wait was 10 minutes.

"I think more young people should be definitely involved because this election is for us," said Lily Acosta, a first-time voter.

If trends hold, early voting could be lower in each county by between 20 and 25 percent compared to 2008. In the past, Democrats have preferred early voting, while Republicans have preferred absentee ballots.

While issues haven't been reported in Central Florida yet, in Palm Beach County dozens of requested ballots haven't been received.

The head of the local postal workers union says it appears elections officials made an error in bar codes that ensure the ballots reach their destination. The supervisor of elections denies that's the cause.

It's the latest misstep recorded in the county's absentee voting. Some 27,000 ballots were misprinted, with a missing header, requiring all of them to be copied by hand. And new ballots had to be sent to about 500 people after another misprint omitting one of the proposed amendments to the state constitution.

In addition to the tight race between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for Florida's 29 electoral votes in the presidential contest, there is also a U.S. Senate contest, 11 amendments, a merit retention up-or-down on three Supreme Court justices and scores of local contests for voters to decide upon.

Gov. Scott was in Central Florida on Thursday and not immediately available to comment on the request.

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