House Intel: No sign yet Comey memo will be turned over Friday

Imposed deadline passing by

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Arizona Sen. John McCain

(CNN) - House intelligence committee members said Friday there was no indication that the memos from fired FBI Director James Comey would be turned over to the panel, despite a deadline imposed by the committee leaders to turn them over by day's end.

At a classified GOP-only meeting Friday, the committee members did not discuss the memo, two sources told CNN. Instead, the panel focused on plans for scheduling witnesses, including Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign chairman John Podesta next week.

Several members told CNN they were skeptical that the panel would be able to obtain the memos, which detail Comey's account of President Donald Trump's interactions with the former FBI director, including his ask to drop the Michael Flynn criminal probe.

Rep. Adam Schiff told Wolf Blitzer on Thursday that the panel's leadership was having productive conversations to obtain the memos, but would not say when that would occur.

And Rep. Eric Swalwell, a Democrat on the committee, told CNN Friday that the panel would weigh next steps -- even subpoenas -- if they could not obtain them.

"Well you know, you always want people to voluntarily cooperate, and also we want to, again, not impede what's going on with Bob Mueller's investigation," Swalwell said. "So I think we have to just understand first, why he isn't turning them over and then go from there."

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