RNC reschedules, shuffles events due to Isaac

Storm plans force committee to make changes

TAMPA, Fla. - Republican National Committee officials are releasing a three-day schedule for the party's national convention, shortened because of Tropical Storm Isaac.

Party officials said presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be nominated Tuesday, as will vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

The storm that had originally threatened the Tampa Bay area was forecast to veer west into the Gulf of Mexico away from Florida.

Still, planners decided Saturday to delay the convention's start, then had to scramble to shave some speakers and find new places for others.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott gave up his speaking spot to deal with the storm. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal remained on the schedule, but party leaders said it was possible he might not attend, given the storm was headed in his state's direction.

Even though the convention was delayed a day, protesters picketed outside the Tampa Bay Times Forum Monday afternoon.

"I hope to accomplish peace and justice with the march, more specifically I want the GOP to realize its time to end the war on women," said protester Karen Boyer. "And provide us with the rights and equality we've been fitting for for so long instead of turning the clock back and take away our rights."

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