Popularity of great white shark Katharine crashes website

Media outlets across nation reporting about shark

Katharine the shark.

BREVARD, Fla. - Katharine, the popular fish who was swimming off the Space Coast in early May, has made her way around the Florida peninsula and into the national spotlight.

According to Ocearch social media team, the response to Katharine's growth in popularity has led to an overwhelming increase in site traffic to Ocearch.org, which is causing the site itself to crash.

Ocearch said via Twitter "High traffic spikes to the site. Everybody wants to see where @Shark_Katharine pings next. #SharkTracker," Local 6 News partner Florida Today reported.

Media outlets across the southern U.S. are reporting stories about Katharine's journey down the Eastern seaboard this spring – including Thursday's feature story on USAToday.com and a segment on CNN's "New Day."

Katharine, a 14-foot 2,300-pound great white, was tagged in August near Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Since then, the sassy shark, complete with her own @Shark_Katharine twitter feed, has traveled an astonishing 4,000 miles. Scientists with Ocearch are tracking dozens of different species of sharks to learn their migratory paths. Additionally, they hope to learn the location of the great whites' nurseries so that those areas of the ocean can be protected.

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