Program created to lessen pedestrian deaths in Orlando

A pedestrian dies every week in Orlando, deputies say

ORLANDO, Fla. - The Best Foot Forward program is cracking down on drivers in Orlando who don't yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.

According to Transportation America, Orlando is the most dangerous place to walk in the United States.

Law enforcement has put the program in place with hopes of lessening the amount of pedestrian deaths. According to officials, a pedestrian is killed every week in Central Florida.

Local residents are the main group of people who suffer pedestrian injuries. According to the Orlando Health Trauma Center, 85 percent of people injured in pedestrian accidents are locals, rather than tourists.

An undercover deputy walked across International Drive on Wednesday, signaling to other deputies a block away which cars did not stop at the crosswalk.

The drivers were ticketed for not yielding to pedestrians. The fine is $164 and up to 3 points can be added to a driver's license.

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