Radio transmissions demonstrate officers' confusion looking for car in water

Orlando police chief launched internal investigation, hoping to learn why officers didn't find car during initial search

ORLANDO, Fla. - On the night Carline Brumaire-Jean's car was seen plunging into a retention pond near Universal Studios, Orlando police officers responded to the area, but radioed back to dispatchers that they did not see anything unusual.

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"We just checked around the highway exit ramps and the retention ponds," one officer tells the dispatcher. "Didn't find anything."

The dispatcher replied, "10-4."

Nearly one month later, on March 4 police would finally locate that car with the 39-year-old's body inside.

In newly released police radio transmissions obtained by Local 6, Orlando police officers are heard being dispatched to an unrelated car crash near Universal Studios on Feb. 9.

Around that same time an out-of-town tourist merging on to I-4 near Universal called 911 to report seeing a car sinking in a retention pond.

"There's a car in there and there's definitely somebody in it," the witness told the 911 operator.

[AUDIO: 911 call]

From the radio transmissions it appears two Orlando police officers were diverted to look for the sinking car, with a third officer volunteering to join them in the search.

"Is it past Universal? Universal overpass?" one officer asked the dispatcher, who relays the witness' description that the car went into the pond near a hotel that was under construction.

"It's probably the Universal hotel. Alright," responded another officer.

The radio transmissions do not indicate what time police arrived in the area, but the officers relay back to the dispatcher what they're doing.

"I got off at Universal, and checked all the retention ponds on the exit and the entrance ramp," said one officer.

"Yeah, I'm looking around Adventure Way. I don't see anything so far," another reported back.

Approximately 34 minutes after the witness called 911, the police dispatcher called the witness back trying to get a better description of where the pond was located. The woman described the colorful windows of what is now known as Universal's Cabana Bay Resort.

"There's a retention pond on the right-hand side behind Cabana Bay," pointed out one officer.

In the radio transmissions obtained by Local 6, police never asked to speak to the witness directly nor did they ask her to meet them at the scene so she could point out the exact pond where she saw the car sink.

The radio transmissions do not indicate how long those officers searched for the car, but at some point they gave up and left the area.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina has launched an internal investigation hoping to learn why his officers did not locate the car during that initial search. The chief said the Orange County Sheriff's Office did not notify the Orlando Police Department that they had been investigating Brumaire-Jean's disappearance from her job at another Universal Orlando hotel for nearly a month.

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