Real estate agent: Hogwarts costs $204 million uses classroom size to calculate cost

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ORLANDO, Fla. - If Hogwarts castle were to hit the real estate market, it would have an estimated value of $204 million, according to real estate web site

Real estate agent David Cross calculated the value of the famous school from the Harry Potter series by determining:

  • Location of Hogwarts
  • Comparable castles
  • Square feet of Hogwarts

According to Cross, Hogwarts is located somewhere in Scotland. Cross says the Hogwarts Express -- which leaves from London -- travels north at 65 mph. Since the train leaves at 11 a.m. and doesn't arrive at Hogwarts until sunset, "the only place it could go is Scotland."

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Cross explains castles of similar size in Scotland have an average cost of $482 per square foot.

In order to determine the size of Hogwarts, Cross estimated:

  • Number of students in each classroom
  • Amount of square feet required by each student
  • Square feet per classroom
  • Square feet per floor

Cross determined each classroom is approximately 1,000 square feet by placing 20 students in each classroom with each student requiring 50 square feet of space.

According to Cross, each floor at Hogwarts is approximately 51,000 square feet. Therefore, since Hogwarts has seven floors, an underground level and several towers, Cross believes the approximate size of Hogwarts is 414,000 square feet.

Cross used the estimated size of Hogwarts and the average cost of similar castles to come up with his estimated value of $204,102,000.

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